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(Special moves and some in-game dialogue is done. I don't quite hate myself enough to come up with all her normals. Perhaps later.)

Mourningstar begins the round using Rodriguez as a chair, staring at her opponent unconcernedly. She gives a sigh of exasperation, and reluctantly gets to her feet, tucking Rodriguez into her belts.

Entrance quotes:
"I-I don't really want to do this, but..."
"Go easy on me, okay? I'm, uh, not very good."
"Can't we just talk out our differences...?"

VS Filia:
"Hey, aren't you one of the Medici brats...?"
VS Cerebella:
"Take me to your boss, and no one gets hurt. ...Well, he does, I guess."
VS Valentine:
"...I don't like you."

Victory quotes:
"Get up again, and I'm gonna have to cut something off of you."
"Let's be honest - we both saw this coming."
"Sometimes life just isn't fair."

VS Filia:
"Well, that was a big fat wad of disappointment."
VS Cerebella:
"Go cry to your daddy!"
VS Valentine:
"I won... but somehow... it feels hollow...."

Quotes on KO:
"Hey, I wasn't ready!"
"Whatever... you're just... cheap..."

Victory pose:
Mourningstar slashes across her throat with her thumb, grinning maniacally. Rodriguez pops out a pair of hands and flips the opponent the bird.

Time up loss pose:
Mourningstar shrugs her shoulders and wanders offscreen with a bored look on her face.

An [A] after the move's name indicates it can also be performed in the air.

Hell's Gateway (623+P)
Mourningstar takes a few steps forward at a run. (She can't dash normally, so this move and Deathgrip tether antics are how she moves quickly around the screen.) She runs pretty low to the ground, so some attacks will go over her. Getting hit by any low attack, however, will make her trip and fall down. The following three attacks are accessible while she's running.

Scythe Lacerator (During Hell's Gateway, press LP or LK)
Mourningstar backflips away from her opponent, producing a scythe blade from Rodriguez and slashing with it. Anti-air move. Mourningstar has a few frames of invincibility during the windup. The backflip also puts a bit of distance between her and the opponent - just enough to combo it into another Hell's Gateway or a Deathgrip.

Scythe Eviscerator (During Hell's Gateway, press MP or MK)
Mourningstar pulls out that same scythe blade and whirls it around her like a buzzsaw, damaging anyone close. Hits around four times.

Scythe Decimator (During Hell's Gateway, press HP or HK)
Dat scythe again. Mourningstar slashes downwards with it, and slashes it across the ground. First hit is overhead, the second is low, rather like Hakumen's Zantetsu. Really goddamn slow move. Don't use it unless you're comboing with it or you will get hurt.

Deathgrip [A] (41236+P)
Mourningstar fires out a giant scythe blade that anchors itself into the ground, connected to her by a spring-loaded arm that works as a tether. Kind of a funky hitbox – only the scythe part damages, so it'll whiff if your opponent is too close to you. While the blade is anchored, three moves are accessible to Mourningstar.

The grounded version of this move shoots the scythe laterally, while the aerial version shoots down at an angle. If the aerial version of the scythe doesn't touch the ground, Mourningstar immediately recalls it.

Swooping Death [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+LP or LK)
This move causes Mourningstar to cancel whatever she's doing and pull herself right up next to the scythe blade. Good for getting her across the screen in a hurry, or canceling into a new combo. The LK version is somewhat different – Mourningstar will use the tension on the tether to switch places with the scythe, which scrapes across the bottom of the screen towards where she was standing. The opponent can be hit with the scythe while it's moving.

Mourningstar can pass through her opponents during these moves, but is not invincible. The LK version cannot be used in the air.

Recall Scythe [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+MP or MK)
As the name implies, this move returns the scythe to you and ends the Deathgrip state. The scythe can move in two directions during its recall – MP causes it to fly straight back to Mourningstar, while MK makes it slash upwards at a 45-degree angle before returning. MK version is mostly an anti-air move, but can also launch a grounded opponent.

Death's Eviscerator [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+HP or HK)
Whirls the scythe around like a buzzsaw. The HP version causes the scythe to spin in place before returning to Mourningstar, while the HK version recalls it while it's still spinning. Either way, the Deathgrip state ends.

Trickster Blade (623+K)
One of those three protruding skewer things on Rodriguez extends and stabs upwards at a 45-degree angle. If the stab hits the opponent, the other two skewers will also extend and stab them repeatedly before hurling them across the screen. (This move is basically just a more violent version of Hazama's Hungry Coils. <_<) Hits five times counting the initial attack.

Flesh Eater [A] (41236+K)
Mourningstar pulls out a flamethrower and fires it. The LK version hits once, the MK version twice, and the HK version thrice. All versions of this attack can juggle an opponent. The aerial version of this attack shoots down at a 45-degree angle.

White Flag, Sucker (421+P)
Counter stance. Mourningstar feigns crying and turns away from her opponent, face in her hands. If she's hit, Rodriguez will block it and stab the opponent repeatedly while Mourningstar taunts their foolishness. This can counter high or low attacks, but not aerial ones.


Genocide Mode [Level 1] (214+any two punches)
A huge spike pops out of Rodriguez. If it hits, Rodriguez will leap off of Mourningstar's back, transform into a vaguely humanoid form, and pin his opponent down to beat the crap out of them. This move ends with Rodriguez kicking the opponent across the screen and returning to Mourningstar. If the first attack misses or is blocked, the entire move is canceled.

Solar Cannon [Level 2] (While jumping, 236+any two punches)
Mourningstar pulls a giant magnifying glass out of Rodriguez and fires a laser beam from it downwards at a 45-degree angle. This move is unblockable.

Dark Bombshell [Level 3] (236+any two punches)
Mourningstar pulls a whole armory's worth of weapons out of Rodriguez and unloads a full-screen barrage of projectiles. (Compare Mega Optic Blast or Cool Hunting.) The hardest-hitting projectiles are concentrated on the lower half of the screen, so it will do more damage versus a grounded opponent.
Made a moveset for Mourningstar. (I like alliteration.)

I've designed quite a few character movesets in my spare time, so this isn't really a new thing or nothin'.
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